Reflections on Cecil & Rascal

Today isn’t a start to a normal Thursday. Today I feel numb and empty. Today even Batman feels the sadness. I had to put his doggie shirt back on because he was pulling his hair again due to stress. Today Shannon is on my mind. Today Kobe is on my mind. They lost Rascal yesterday. They lost Cecil back in February. Heartbreak and devastation has reared it’s ugly head. Rascal passed away peacefully in his sleep after 16 years. I had the privilege of meeting Shannon and the boys back in October. They are a part of my ohana.

Sure some say oh he was just a cat. To those people, this is why you are not close to me. You don’t get me at all. If you did, then you would know that Batman and my ohana’s furbabies mean more to me than any human relationship. Rascal was Shannon’s furson. Her eldest of her three cool cats. I know the heartache and emptiness Shannon feels. I feel it right alongside her. The Sunday I found about Cecil’s passing, I died a little. Yesterday, I died a little more after hearing about sweet Rascal. I am grateful that I have met Shannon and the boys through Twitter. We been ohana for overn3 years now.

I joined Twitter February 2014. I had lost Boo in January 2014. The relationships built over that span have helped me through my grief of loosing Boo. They were all very supportive when Batman was sick and needed surgery in December 2014. They have helped me become a better, stronger person. Sharing my story with them has helped them all as well. I truly have found my niche.

Joining Zombiesquad in January 2015, my ohana has grown. It really blossomed as if late as more kitties joined the ranks. We have all shared in each others ups and downs. We all support each other. We all love each other. Yes we have had many sad losses. We share those losses together. We keep each other going on.

I truly believe we will see our furry ones again when we meet on the rainbow bridge. I know in my heart that they are our angels watching over us. I have sensed Boo’s presence a few times since her passing.

I have cried more for the deaths of Shannon’s boys, Peaches’ Dreamer, Charlee’s Clarence, Amy’s Gumdrop, Robyn’s Pepper, Ollie and Blue than I ever have for any human. The one exception was William Dyer who was like a brother to me.

Furbabies give unconditional love. That love is forever. That love never dies. We will meet them again. They will be waiting to greet us when we pass. That love is complete, whole, never waining.